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The Content Agency where from inception-to-completion…

Our Story Is You.

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Us? We’re you, but from the future…

We are the Content Agency comprised of film industry professionals who produce impactful stories for your brand.

Professional Storytellers

our Mission

We are here to be the face of innovative and strategic content creation and production not only in New York City, but worldwide.

Genesius Studios prides itself to be the best of the best in consulting in the industry of creative development, advertising, marketing and cinematic content creation.

GLobal Brand Support

Our Services

We provide clients with digital video and cinematic content, from inception to completion, produced with our unique content development strategy to give your brand, your content and your product its unique voice in a saturated digital marketplace. 

You have a voice. Your brand does, too.

Curious about what it’s saying?

Inovative Content Solutions



Our voices are successfully and EFFECTIVELY heard and communicated

when we IMPLEMENT two “simple” ingredients:

- Structure

- Story

We focus on reverse-engineering the business-to-consumer market through visual storytelling, creating emotional responses in your customers by giving your brand a human voice with deep roots in your professional mission. Our unique content development strategy is the Structure.


See how Many of your business neighbors have discovered that…




Ad Content




Short Films


Event Video


Feature Films


Artist Collaboration


We are proud to present a sample of works by Jesse Judy (co-founder and Lead Cinematographer and Editor of Genesius Studios) as he continues to hone his craft in the field and in the studio. And as always, thank you for watching!


Please enjoy a sample of our latest works. After all, our story is you.



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