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We are proud to present a sample of works by Jesse Judy (co-founder and Lead Cinematographer and Editor of Genesius Studios) as he continues to hone his craft in the field and in the studio. And as always, thank you for watching!


Genesius Studios is proud to present, in association with Executive Producer Oakley Boycott and in partnership with the Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame, the trailer for "The Twain Meets",  a document of the grit of the Western Way of Life and the Wyoming Cowboys who keep it alive.

A film by Jesse Judy.


A man with no memory must ride through time to find his past, but discovers memories that are not his own... and is thrust into a war to stop time itself from being erased! THE RIDER is an in-house SciFi Western feature film.  

Please enjoy a sample of our latest works. After all, our story is you.

We teamed up with gifted songbird, Christina Faith,a Los Angeles based singer - songwriter and produced the music video for her new hit single "The Night Game" 

Off-Broadway Hamlet Promo Trailer done in-house from creative concept to finished product. 


We Are GenesiuS


Imagine a team that could take every whim, every idea, every passionate picture you have in your head and bring it to life on the about on the screen? Try in your hands as a complete product! Okay, now stop found us.


Let us be the first to welcome you to Genesius Studios:

An end-to-end Film Production house.

From inception to completion, we stand by your side every step of the way.


Tell us your needs:


Is it a finished script you seek? How about one that will sell? Are you in need of concept art? Or are you ready to brave the spreadsheet-filled adventure of Pre-Production? Let us tell your story in Production with state-of-the-art technology and in-house industry equipment! We assemble the story, putting the bow on your project in Post-Production while preparing you for success after picture-lock with our marketing team! After all, your success is our success. So take a seat in the producers chair. We're your storytellers. We're your copilot. We are Genesius Studios.   

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  • Award Winning Screenwriting Team
  • Story and Creative Development
  • Script Editing
  • Art and Graphics  


  • Line Producing
  • Production and Budget Breakdown
  • Unit Production Management
  • Location, Insurance and Permit Acquisition  
  • Film Finance
  • Entertainment Legal Council


  • Experienced Crew
  • Top-Tier Industry Film Equipment
  • Day-To-Day Operations      
  • On-Set Producer's Unit

Post Production

  • In-House Post Team
  • Post-Sound House
  • Fast Picture Delivery  
  • Distribution Consulting and Acquisition


As storytellers, we believe there is no small story. For every moment in humanity proves that we are made of something more. At Genesius, we capture that greater human story to better understand the mythology that lives in each and everyone of us. 




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